MCB Camp Lejeune


Since September 1941, Camp Lejeune (luh-jern) has been the home of “Expeditionary Forces in Readiness”, and throughout the years, it has become the home base for the II Marine Expeditionary Force, 2nd Marine Division, 2nd Marine Logistics Group and other combat units and support commands.

There are several major Marine Corps commands and one Navy command aboard Camp Lejeune. Some tenant commands include Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, II Marine Expeditionary Force, 2nd Marine Division, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, and the naval hospital to name a few. Marine Corps Base owns all the real estate, hosts entry-level and career-level formal schools and provides support and training for tenant commands; II Marine Expeditionary Force conducts operational planning for Fleet Marine Force commands; 2nd Marine Division is the ground combat element of II MEF; 2nd Marine Logistics Group is the combat service support element of II MEF; and 2nd Marine Air Wing, headquartered at Cherry Point, N.C., is the air combat element of II MEF. Additionally, the naval hospital provides primary medical care to service members and their families stationed at Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River.

Today, as in the past, Camp Lejeune’s mission remains the same — to maintain combat-ready units for expeditionary deployment.

Camp Lejeune is a six-time recipient of the Commander-in-Chief’s Award for Installation Excellence. This award recognizes the base on a Department of Defense level for effectively managing assets and developing quality programs to accomplish the mission of providing expeditionary forces in readiness.

MCAS New River


New River Air Station-“Pardon Our Noise, It’s The Sound Of Freedom”
Provide aviation support and services, facilities and logistics support, security and force protection, and to promote and enhance readiness, sustainment and quality of life for operating forces, tenant commands, military personnel and families.

Approximately 7,000 Marines, Sailors, Airmen and 1,000 civilian employees work on a daily basis to meet the demands of operating the Corps’ only East Coast rotary wing and tiltrotor Air Station. They are home to two Marine Aircraft Groups, several premier training units and the first operational MV-22 squadrons. For more than 60 years, their primary mission has been providing combat assault support for Fleet Marine Force units worldwide. Their dedication and reputation have made them a key part of the II Marine Expeditionary Force and the Marine Corps Installations East team.


Camp Geiger

Camp Geiger

Camp Geiger is a satellite facility of Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina. In use since 1953, Camp Geiger is home to the School of Infantry (SOI) in the Eastern Region. Camp Geiger is the next step for the Enlisted Marines trained at Parris Island. Marines who complete Recruit Training at MCRD San Diego move on to SOI West, located at Camp Pendleton, in Southern California.

Following recruit training and graduation, new Marines report to Camp Geiger for the School of Infantry (SOI).

  • Training at SOI ensures every Marine has the capability to fulfill his or her duties while operating in a combat environment.
  • SOI mantra: “Every Marine a rifleman.”
  • SOI is made up of two schools: Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) and Marine Combat Training (MCT).
  • Infantry Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) Marines are assigned to ITB, which instills all basic Infantry skills and some advanced infantry skills, for Marines who are going out to the fleet.
  • Non-infantry MOS Marines are assigned to MCT to hone all basic infantry skills.
  • The School of Infantry at Camp Geiger trains approximately 20,000 Marines each year.


Camp Johnson

Camp Johnson

Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools and home of the Montford Point Marines!

Formal school training is the primary mission of the Marine Corps Combat Service Support
Schools. Our formal schools provide Marine Corps Officers and Enlisted members training
and instruction that leads to the assignment of a military occupational specialty (MOS). Their
formal schools include:

  • Financial Management School (FMS)
  • Logistics Operations School (LOS)
  • Personnel Administration School (PAS)
  • Ground Supply School (GSS)

In addition to the above MCCSSS formal schools, the following schools are located on Camp

  • Field Medical Training Battalion (FMTB)
  • Train The Trainer School  (T3S)
  • Marine Combat Water Survival Swimming School (MCWSSS)
  • Staff Non-Commissioned Officers Academy (SNCOA)

Camp Johnson is also home of the following tenant commands:

  • East Coast Food Management Team Marine Corps Administrative Analysis Team
  • (MCAAT), East
  • Marine Corps Logistics Chain Analysis Team (MCLCAT), East
  • Marine Corps Non Appropriate Fund Audit Service (MCNAFAS)