Christmas Holiday Parade

December 15, 2020

Winners Announced in the Chamber’s First-Ever Holiday Decorating Contest

The Jacksonville·Onslow Chamber of Commerce and Marine Federal Credit Union hosted a Holiday Decorating Contest for Onslow County Businesses. 1st place went to Dance Factory of Richlands, 2nd place was awarded to Zing Zumm Children’s Museum of Jacksonville  and the 3rd place winner was Yo-Brez Frozen Dessert Bar.

Chamber President Laurette Leagon along with Todd Sammons, CFO for Marine Federal Credit Union, made the presentations on Thursday, December 10,2020.  In addition to a beautiful gift basket and a sign showing their designation, cash prizes were also awarded. Dance Factory of Richlands received $1,000.  Owner Brittany Forrester said “I am thankful for the money.  We had to shut down for six months because of the Pandemic, so this will certainly come in handy.”  Zing Zumm Children’s Museum of Jacksonville received $500.  Executive Director Samantha Plocica said “We plan on using the cash prize to help fund our new program, Play for All!  This is a special program that will support one night a month for exceptional children to gather and play.”  The 3rd place prize was $250 and that went to Yo-Brez Frozen Dessert Bar.  Stacy Welsh thanked all their loyal customers for their votes.

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